Made in Venice, Venice Beach Biennial 2012


74 Market Street, Venice, CA

Exhibition concurrent with Venice Beach Biennial, Co-curated by Adrienne Adar and Isabelle Alford-Lago.

  1. Overall Gallery View
  2. Overall Gallery View, Lisa Bartleson, resin sculpture in foreground
  3. Ed Moses, acrylic on canvas 2004
  4. Lisa Bartleson, Beehive, resin, 2012
  5. Adrienne Adar, from “Sonic Succulents” series 2012
  6. Visitor interacting with Sonic Succulent sound sculpture
  7. Andy Moses, acrylic on on a concave board, 2012
  8. Cesario “Block” Montano, Black and White Photo Collage circa 1989
  9. Larry Bell, Light Knot 2012
  10. Panel Discussion, Moderator Peter Frank, Larry Bell, Edith Baumann, Andy Moses, Ed Moses, Adrienne Adar, Oliver Bell, Isabelle Alford-Lago
  11. Larry Bell and Oliver Bell in conversation
  12. Lisa Bartleson
  13. Edith Baumann
  14. Larry Bell
  15. Andy Moses
  16. Co-Curators Adrienne Adar and Isabelle Alford-Lago